On August 20 , 1991, Estonia declared its independence and the river Narva became then an international border. Between Narva and Ivangorad are some bridges: a footbridge under the Kreenholm island, more downstream the Tallinn-St.Petersburg railwaybridge and most downstream the highway-bridge, just under the forts. This last bridge is the 'Friendship-bridge', contructed in 1960, but the relations are something complicated in Narva. The population of Narva consists largely of ethnic Russians.
In the Constitution of 1992 the border of the Treaty of Tartu (1920) is seen as the legal boundary. The Russian Federation considers the border between the former Sovjet Republics as border, so with Ivangorad en Petsjory (Petseri) as Russian territory.

On the cover here is used a modern postmark of the Estonian post.

There are in the beginning also used converted Russian postmarks.

The postmark, resized 50%.

The postmark on this cover is, very clear, a former Soviet postmark.